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The Scientific Power of Meditation

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It has been proven that meditation has many benefits. It brings about relaxation, serenity, and clarity of the mind; improves sleep, and most importantly helps alleviate or even eliminate various health issues, including high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. Mindfulness meditation or focused meditation training programs are widely used in therapeutic interventions as alternatives to the conventional medical methods. These programs improve psychological condition and combat number of disorders.  However, until recently, there was little understanding what mechanisms of meditation are behind the improvements in health and mental well-being. Skeptics argue that such changes are nothing but a result of simple physical relaxation that leads to an improved awareness and the state of peacefulness. To come to a scientifically sound conclusion, a group of neuroscientists made an attempt to literally “look into this matter” by designing a research method involving anatomical magnetic resonance images (MRI) to determine which zones of brain are effected or altered by meditative exercises.

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