A Run To Remember

The end of a journey! A nice cool dip in the pacific after his run across Canada.

David McGuire is one of many Canadians who has a brain injury. He suffered a stroke in 2005 which has affected not only his memory but also his ability to do the many simple things that most Canadians take for granted.

Despite this disability David is currently running across Canada one marathon a day for six straight months. David began his run in St. John’s Newfoundland on April 1st and is currently in Ontario near Lake Superior. He hopes to reach Victoria, B.C., the end of his run, by November.

Joining David on his campaign is BrainTrust Canada, a progressive non-governmental organization whose mandate is to aid in the prevention of brain injury and to improve the quality of life for persons with brain injury. BrainTrust Canada is hoping this run will raise awareness of brain injuries. Amazingly brain injuries are the largest disabler and killer of people under the age of 45 and the biggest cause of death to all children under the age of 20.

By visiting www.runtoremember.com, you can track David’s journey across Canada and support him along the way. Contributions can be made by buying a kilometer for $20 or by texting “Brain” to 45678 to make a $5 donation.

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