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I’m so fortunate to have been able to attend the BC Brain Injury Association annual fundraising gala this Friday.

One of the guests was David McGuire whose inspirational story of running across Canada gave attention to the fact that we understand very little about Brain Injury. He is working to push for greater awareness and Canadian policy changes.

What affected me most was listening to Dr.Hedy Fry speak about the loss of human potential. This statement was emotionally charged. Dry Fry explained the tragedy of losing the human potential of Canadians of all ages from a health problem that is largely preventable.

See this from the Brain Injury Association of Canada:

“Brain injury occurs suddenly, without warning. In an instant life is changed, forever. Everyday we participate in activities that produce endless risks for sustaining a brain injury; events include a car accident while driving to the grocery store, a fall from a bike, or a blow to the head.

Brain injury has become a significant medical and societal concern within the last 30 years. With advances in medical technology, many people who would have died are now surviving severe brain injuries. At times the cost is astronomical: financially, socially and emotionally.

It is estimated that thousands of Canadians incur a traumatic brain injury each year the majority being young adults. They will have a normal life expectancy but will require special care. A majority of bicyclists who die each year die of brain injuries. Most of the serious brain injuries can be prevented by wearing a helmet. Brain injury affects a significant number of people each year and the numbers are reaching epidemic proportions“

We need to make sure that brain injury is dealt with, and those who suffer from it are given the support they need. A way to immediately begin to affect change is to call your Member of Parliament and say that you would like the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act to state that all ski and winter sport helmets sold in Canada must be up to the Canadian Safety Standards. It is an easy first step to ensure that the products being sold in Canada won’t result in loss of human potential through ineffective use.

Source: http://votealexandria.com/2012/03/05/bc-brain-injury-association-at-hycroft/

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