About JR Rehab Services

Injury, illness or age-related difficulties can present unexpected physical, cognitive and psychological challenges.  The road to recovery may seem long without the support of a dedicated and knowledgeable support team.  JR Rehab Services’ team of Occupational Therapists, PhysiotherapistsKinesiologists, and Rehabilitation Assistants have assisted clients with soft tissue and orthopaedic injuries, brain injuries, chronic pain, and mental health challenges for over 20 years throughout the British Columbia lower mainland, and Victoria and surrounding area.

Our programs are individualized to meet each client’s specific rehabilitation goals and needs.  Offering one-to-one community-based services, JR Rehab programs are provided in a client’s home, community centre gym, pool, or workplace, eliminating the need for travel to a clinic.  Integrating everyday activities in familiar surroundings offers a higher level of comfort and greater success in a client continuing their program independently after services have been completed.

Continuing education is important as the field of rehabilitation is constantly evolving.   We not only encourage our staff to attend conferences, seminars and workshops but offer them to our associates as well.  JR Rehab has presented workshops on a variety of topics including brain injury, depression and anxiety, and conflict resolution.

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