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JR Rehab in Vancouver:

211 – 288 W. 8th Ave
Vancouver BC.  V5Y 1N5

Vancouver – Head Office & Primary Contact:

Phone: 604.254.0444

Toll Free: 1.844.254.0444

Fax: 604.254.0447


JR Rehab in Victoria:

Merged with CBI Health:

605 Discovery Street
Victoria, BC. V8T 5G4

JR Rehab in Nanaimo:

Merged with CBI Health:

105 – 6596 Applecross Rd.
Nanaimo, BC. V9V 0A4

JR Rehab in Langley:

102 – 6396 197 st
Langley, BC.  V2Y 2T2

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