About Our Founder

Ricardo Nuno grew up in Toronto, Ontario and after completing a business degree at Western University, he yearned for a West Coast view and a new career direction. In 1992, his health care career began in a return-to-work clinic where he worked as a Rehabilitation Assistant with a team of Occupational Therapists. Inspired by the unique health profession of Occupational Therapy (OT), he began his formal education as an OT at UBC in 1996. That same year, his entrepreneurial energy and belief that individuals excel when they are provided with one-to-one support, led him to create JR Rehabilitation Services Inc.

In 2014, Ricardo completed a MBA specializing in Health Care Administration, from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia.

Lifelong learning and a sharing of knowledge is a passion.  Ricardo and his JR Rehab colleagLOW RES-R_1543ues are regularly invited to be hosts and/or presenters at Health Care and Medical Legal workshops and conferences throughout B.C., North America and the Caribbean.

Looking toward the future, Ricardo envisions the team at JR Rehab continuing to grow with fun, athletic, adventurous and compassionate individuals that bring the “latest and greatest” ideas and knowledge to Heatlh Care.

Achieving a balanced life can be a challenge when juggling the roles of a therapist and director of a business.  Ricardo’s physical activities provide both mental and physical reward so don’t be surprised to see him running a half marathon, sweating through hundreds of push-ups at Cross Fit, or bending in half at yoga.  More importantly, he encourages each and every JR Rehab client to participate in some form of physical activation as part of his or her wellness program.

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