Michelle Clarke

Michelle enjoys an elegant turn of phrase in a Dickens novel or a care provider report. Her past experience as a medical office administrator has given her an eye for clinically relevant detail, and an understanding of the value of an administrative job that is well done. Michelle has been a team player for JR Rehab since May 2015.

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Michelle Ong


Administrative Assistant- Accounts Receivable

Michelle is our new addition to the expanding JR family.  She brings with her a wealth of experience working in various roles including Administration, Events & Promotions, Public Relations and Supply Chain in multinational corporations based in Singapore.   She enjoys travelling with her family for leisure, and is an avid windsurfer and skier.

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Teresa Rock-Prince

Teresa grew up in The Greater Toronto Area before relocating to Calgary in 2005. There she began to work in the health field at Alberta Children’s Hospital as a scheduler. She has since moved to Vancouver Island and continues to work in health administration. Teresa has recently completed Medical Terminology and Anatomy & Physiology courses at Vancouver Island University to build upon her skills. When she is not working, Teresa enjoys running, hiking, camping and reading.

JR Rehab Report Editor

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