Lori White

Type: Occupational Therapists

Lori completed her Bachelors of Medical Rehabilitation in Occupational Therapy in 2000 at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, where she was born and raised. After working in child and adolescent mental health for 14 years, Lori has honed her skills in case management, working collaboratively with families, professionals and other agencies, using trauma-informed practice, implementing crisis management strategies, providing continuing education opportunities for professionals and the general public, co-developing programs for children and adults with Neurodevelopmental Disorders, and initiating a leadership role amongst her colleagues for professional development and wellness. In 2015, Lori decided to pursue her Masters of Occupational Therapy Graduate Degree at the University of Manitoba to study the how parents with children with Autism experience relationships with professionals. Completing her research has ignited her desire to further examine health care at professional, organizational and systemic levels in the future for best client care.  Lori moved to Vancouver Island with her family in July 2016 and is excited to join the JR Rehab team in August 2016, serving the greater Victoria area. With interest in mental health, neurodevelopment, collaborative care and optimizing function, Lori hopes to utilize her skills in these areas as she continues to grow and learn additional areas of community adult health care. Lori’s other areas of interest lie in yoga, dance, music, travel, and sharing in the experiences of her husband, two young children, other family members and friends.

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