Cognitive Assessment and Therapy

Cognitive Assessment and Retraining

Cognitive and Academic Abilities Testing

We provide Cognitive Abilities and Academic Abilities tests and assessments. These measurements of cognitive and academic aptitudes are essential to guiding rehabilitation interventions, daily living needs and work/school directions.

In addition to testing, we believe it is useful to interview family, friends, or co-workers as they often can help identify the cognitive problems an individual is experiencing on a day-to-day basis.


What is Cognitive Rehab Therapy?

Cognitive Rehab Therapy (CRT) is therapy that focuses on the re-development (re-wiring) of cognitive skills, which have been lost or altered as a result of neurological trauma or illness.


Why Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy?

After a concussion or traumatic brain injury, individuals often experience difficulty resuming previous roles, tasks and activities.  Behavioral or personality changes can also occur. These are signs that cognitive impairment is causing life management difficulties


What does Cognitive Rehab Therapy involve?

Following assessment, an individualized cognitive rehabilitation program is designed. Sessions occur on a one-to-one basis. The location of interventions can vary, and most often occur in an individual’s home, their community, and their workplace.  Sessions can also take place at the JR Rehab Vancouver or Victoria offices.  The Program typically occurs over a 6 to 12 month period.


The 4-pillar approach to Cognitive Rehab

JR Rehab provides a balanced approach to Cognitive Rehab Therapy, which includes “4 pillars of interventions”:

—  Education – We provide education about the injury/illness and what brain changes and challenges are to be expected. Education is on-going throughout the program.

—  Process Training – Modules of cognitive exercises, such as pen & paper or computer tasks, are utilized to “re-wire” brain pathways.

—  Strategy Training – Strategies are provided to compensate for memory, attention and any other cognitive deficits.

—  Functional Activities Training – “Everyday life activities” are used to re-train and improve daily living skills performance and abilities.



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