Charlotte Mah

Charlotte finished her Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia after having completed her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University. Prior to becoming a Physiotherapist, Charlotte coached recreational gymnastics and had experience working as a Kinesiologist on the Lower Mainland. Since 2014, she has been working in private practice in Nanaimo.

Charlotte enjoys working with clients of all ages and abilities. Her goal is to use a treatment approach that combines manual therapy, needling techniques, electrophysical modalities, education, and exercise in order to treat the whole person and address the underlying cause of dysfunction. Since graduation, Charlotte has completed courses in manual therapy, soft tissue release, acupuncture, and functional dry needling. She is also continuing to pursue further education in manual therapy through the Canadian Orthopedic Division.

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Kelvin Yeung

Kelvin completed his Masters of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia after obtaining his Bachelor of Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University.

He has years of experience in both private practice and work rehabilitation treating a variety of soft tissue, orthopaedic and neurological injuries. This experience has taught Kelvin two simple things: 1) to listen and focus on the needs of his patients, and 2) to ensure that patients are engaged and taking an active role in their rehabilitation process. Kelvin strongly believes in integrative and holistic approach of treating injuries; these values empower and help individuals all the way to their recovery as well as support prevention of clients’ future injuries.

Kelvin enjoys taking a very hands-on approach and has completed further education courses in Soft Tissue Release Therapy. He strives to continue learning and is in the process of completing his Orthopaedic and Manual therapy certifications and Acupuncture. He also speaks fluent Cantonese and English and is improving his conversational Mandarin.

In his spare time, Kelvin stays fit by playing volleyball, basketball, squash, badminton and working out in the gym. He believes in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, and he wants to help you achieve that goal as well!

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Lisa Chandra

Lisa  received her Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta  after obtaining her Bachelor of Kinesiology from Simon Fraser University. In addition, Lisa has certificates in acupuncture, nutrition, manual therapy, and spinal manipulation. This combination of specialties and skills  in human physical functions and health gave Lisa a solid background that guarantees high quality of service and support.

Before joining JR team, Lisa has been practicing for nine years in several large physiotherapy clinics. Her experience includes In her spare time,  Lisa enjoys travelling, hiking, running and yoga/Pilates/gyrotonics.

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Robyn Elliot

Robyn completed her bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Victoria. Following this, she entered the Physical Therapy Program at the UBC, receiving her Masters degree in 2013. While in the program at UBC, she had the opportunity to provide therapy for a wide variety of client’s including children of all ages and those with orthopaedic or neurological dysfunction. Robyn has always been heavily involved in the community in Aquatics: coaching swimming, mentoring youth in lifesaving courses and leading fitness and water rehabilitation classes. In addition, she is also currently a Clinical Director with Special Olympics BC, in charge of fitness screening for athletes. Robyn is most inspired when working with clients in a one-on-one setting and when helping them realize and achieve their rehabilitation goals. Robyn believes in strong collaborative relationship between therapist and client in optimizing function and independence. When not working, she can be found rock climbing, doing yoga, cycling, swimming and dancing.

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Rowan Dunn

PT Team Manager

Rowan was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and moved to British Columbia in 2015. He completed his studies in Melbourne at La Trobe University, where he received a Bachelors degree in Health Science and a Masters degree in Physiotherapy.

Prior to relocating to Canada, Rowan worked predominately within a private clinic, treating a wide range of clients with diverse backgrounds, from athletes to retiree’s and everything in between. Previous to this, Rowan gained experience within a specialized traumatic brain injury unit, where he gained a greater insight into the unique challenges that people with brain injury are faced.

To achieve sustainable, long-term results, Rowan believes in the incorporation of a range of treatment modalities, including education, individually tailored exercise programs, manual therapy, and the implementation of client self-management strategies. Rowan is a strong advocate for ongoing professional development and is always striving to update his knowledge and skills in order to provide treatment in accordance with the latest and greatest Physiotherapy research available.

When he’s not at work Rowan loves to explore the great outdoors, cook at home, play the guitar and experiment with amateur photography.

Rowan joined the JR Rehab Team in February 2016 and will be working in the Lower Mainland region.

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