Comprehensive Driver Evaluation


JR Rehab Services Inc. is offering a Comprehensive Driver Evaluation for Class 5 and Class 7 Driver’s Licenses at our Langley office.


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The ability to drive provides independence and freedom. When experienced drivers have been diagnosed with physical, neurological or psychosocial issues that puts their ability to drive into question, the Comprehensive Driver Evaluation can provide the opportunity to reclaim that ability. Additionally, the Comprehensive Driver Evaluation is a valuable tool to assess a senior’s ongoing ability to drive safely and also benefits novice drivers by determining their ability to learn driving skills and providing recommendations for driver training programs.


The Comprehensive Driver Evaluation will be completed with the Occupational Therapist with a Graduate Certificate in Driver Rehabilitation.

JR Rehab is an approved RoadSafetyBC service provider for the completion of Comprehensive Driver Evaluations.


The Comprehensive Driver Evaluation is offered in 2-parts:



This 2-hour clinical assessment will evaluate the person’s physical, cognitive, perceptual and behavioural skills as they relate to driving. Results of this clinical assessment will determine whether an on-road assessment will be completed.



The 1-hour on-road assessment is completed in a dual control vehicle, with a Driving Instructor and an Occupational Therapist. The on-road assessment may result in any of the following recommendations:


• Safe to return to driving (subject to approval by RoadSafetyBC)

• Referral to driver rehabilitation (this service is available through JR Rehab)

• Modifications to your vehicle and/or required use of adaptive equipment

• Unsafe to return to driving at this time

• Further evaluation at a later date

• Retire from driving


All results are discussed with the client and a report is sent to their family doctor and RoadSafetyBC. RoadSafetyBC makes the final decision about all drivers’ licenses in BC, based on the Occupational Therapy report and other information they may have on file. RoadSafetyBC will send their final decision to the client by mail.


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