South Vancouver Island

Christine Collins

Type: Occupational Therapists

Christine graduated as an OT in 1982 in Dublin, Ireland and did a Masters in OT in Trinity College, Dublin in 1998. She worked as an OT in public and private settings in Waterford and Cork, Ireland; Norwich and London, England and in Canada, in Calgary, Vancouver, Whitehorse, Halifax and Kelowna. She moved to Victoria in 2016 and started working with JR Rehab in October 2018. Christine is highly motivated in facilitating clients in finding ways to overcome barriers which are blocking their way to mastering the meaningful activities in their day to day lives. She is particularly interested and experienced in Traumatic Brain Injury; in Return to Work for all clients and in exploring the leisure and social aspects of clients’ lives as these can be incorporated effectively into rehab programs to optimize clients’ potential and long-lasting holistic health.

Her interests include : Hiking, biking, gardening, being in nature, especially by the sea; raising Service Dog puppies and reading, art and music.

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